Art is a hot mess: history, crisis, denial and lessons from recent public art stumbles
Barbarita Polster asks: If irony traditionally requires expressing one thing to mean its opposite, what happens when opposites become oppositional no…
Adam Rothbarth asks: Is The Novelist a beautiful example of thesis-antithesis-synthesis, or is it a mournful reflection on an increasingly despairing…
Since when has the goal of art been to recreate reality? Is reality so good that all artistic endeavors should seek to reproduce it?
What a great thing it is to be, just a painting: free, true and unencumbered, serving no aim but its own.
Adam Rothbarth asks: Whose story are music biopics really trying to tell?
For Juneteenth, a little-known engraving of a world historical moment
In the dumbest century, Serra continues to do the most ridiculous thing: he makes quality works of art
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